Our frozen burgers meet the highest quality standards in the national and international market.
About Us

Campo del Tesoro was established in 2002. It is an Argentine meat processing company specialized in the production of frozen beef burgers consumed in the local and international market (Asia, Africa, Europe).

The company, located in Parque Industrial de Garín, OKS, Buenos Aires, owns a property of 10.780m2 and operates with more than 100 qualified employees.

In 2008, we incorporated a third production line, generating a production capacity of more than 13.000 tons/year.
In 2010, we adopted Tenderform Technology, becoming the first Argentine frozen beef burger company with such innovation.

We count with Halal and Kosher Certification, Certified Angus, Gluten Free and Organic products. Our passion for innovation, quality and continuous improvement keeps us always at the vanguard.